At present, most of the ribbon and resin barbs manufacturers  in the market are as follows:


The present production mode:

Manual, mechanical semi-automatic

Width: 12mm-18mm

Length: 30cm-50cm



The requirements of the actual market demand for ribbon and resin barbs are as follows:


Width: 10mm-40mm

Length: 25cm-86cm



Combining with the actual market demand, HuaDing the breakthrough improvements are as follows:


The present production mode:

Fully automatic

Width: 6mm-40mm

Length: 8.5cm-200cm



  Product application examples  

HuaDing can save you 30% of the cost





The portable card head technology aims to reduce the risk and enhance productivity for the target guest in 2017.

It can save three processes of portable glue gun technology, reduce the bad rate and increase the productivity of 35%



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